What is a Double Bottom pattern | How Can You Use It?

Chart patterns are considered some of the most reliable ways of predicting price moves when using technical analysis. The Double Bottom pattern is one of the most popular and trustworthy chart patterns. Double Bottom pattern Indicates a potential reversal in an ongoing downtrend. While it is an excellent tool to trade with, it has some complications and issues like any other tool. In this article, We will discuss a Double Bottom pattern and how you can use it.

What is a Double Bottom pattern?

A Double Bottom pattern is a technical chart pattern that Indicates a potential change in trend from downward to upward. It is considered a bullish reversal pattern and is formed when the price of an asset hits a support level twice and creates two bottoms (low points)—creating a ‘W” like-shaped structure. However, In a Double Bottom pattern, the two low points may not be at the same level. In a Double Bottom pattern, The second low point can be higher, lower, or at the same level as the first Bottom. All these three scenarios are valid for a Double Bottom Pattern.

The Double Bottom pattern can be found across all timeframes, but it is most commonly seen on longer-term charts such as daily or weekly charts. In addition, double bottoms are often seen at significant market turning points. Therefore, they can be used to identify potential reversals in downtrends.

What Does a Double Bottom Tell You?

To trade with a Double Bottom pattern, we must understand its meaning.
Technical Analysts decipher the structure of a double bottom as a potential indication of an uptrend. A Double Bottom shows that the price has reached a critical level of support after a downtrend and That the bears are unable to go further down, Indicating Weakness in bears, which could mean that the Bulls may take charge and pull the markets toward a fresh uptrend.

Examples of Double Bottom Pattern

Here are some examples of different types of Double Bottom patterns.

How to trade a double Bottom pattern

So now we know what a Double Bottom pattern is and what it means. So, let’s understand how to trade with a Double Bottom pattern.

How to trade with double Bottom pattern
The Safest and most recommended way of trading with a Double Bottom pattern is to take up a long position when the price breaks the previous high, As shown in this picture below. When the price breaks point B, which is the previous high, it confirms that the Bulls have Finally taken charge and the market is in an uptrend.
Some traders may want to take a long position at C point, the second Bottom of the Double Bottom pattern, which can give you good returns in case of a successful formation of a double bottom pattern. But it can be risky if the market fails to Confirm the pattern and the price breaks the previous support.
The bottom line is that taking confirmation before taking up a position while trading with a Double Bottom pattern is essential. Another thing to be noted is that A double bottom works best when the market’s overall trend is bullish. That means if you see a Double Bottom pattern in a shorter time frame in a down-trending stock. Still, the Major trend of the stock is bullish in a higher timeframe; the probability of a Successful Double Bottom pattern Increases a lot.


The Double Bottom pattern is a great way to trade the markets, and if you can learn to identify it, you can reap the rewards. However, like all trading strategies, it’s not without risk, and you should always research before entering any trade. The best way to trade with it is to wait for confirmation from the price action or any other technical Indicator or tool.
Finally, It is difficult for traders to memorize all these chart patterns, which is why we have this fantastic chart pattern cheat sheet. That will help you be top of your trading game.


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