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What is a Trend?

A Trend is the general direction of the market or a security’s price. As Technical traders, you would have to look at the historical data and form an opinion about the trend. Which will help you define your course of action. In order to Identify a Trend Technical analysts use trendlines and Price action. that highlights when the market forms higher Swing highs and higher swing lows in an uptrend. And lower Swing lows and Lower swing highs in a downtrend.

What is Trend Analysis?

Trend analysis is a technique that involves analyses of historic data such as price movements, trade volumes, and behavioral patterns. which helps in predicting the future price movement of a stock or a commodity. Trend analysis tries to predict a trend and ride it until a trend reversal. Analyzing the trend is important because moving with trends, and not against them, will lead to consistent profits for a trader. The most important aspect of trend analysis is to determine the major trend. A trendline not only helps assess the major but also tells you how to trade a trend. Lest us understand what a trendline is.

What is a Trendline And How to Draw a Trendline?

A trendline is a line that connects a series of prices together. This line gives the trader a good idea about the direction of the price movement. Trendlines are drawn over swing highs and under swing lows to show the current trend of the market. Trendlines are visual representations of support and resistance levels or dynamic support and dynamic resistance levels.

Sailent points

  1. Trendlines indicate the best possible fit of some data/
  2. You can use Multiple Trendlines on a chart to get a clearer picture of the direction and the momentum of the trend.
  3. In an uptrend, Trendlines are drawn over higher swing highs and Higher swing lows.
  4. Whereas in a downtrend it is drawn over Lower swing highs and under lower swing lows

Up Trendline

Example of an up trendline

An up trendline is formed by connecting 2 or more swing lows. It has a positive slope which means that the second swing low should be higher than the first swing low. It is widely believed that a trend line is only valid when formed by connecting at least 3 points

Up trendlines act as dynamic support to the price of a security. And indicates that the net demand for security is increasing even when the price is rising.

Down Trendline

Example of a downtrendline

A down Trendline is formed by connecting 2 or more Swing highs. It has a negative slope which means that the second swing high should be lower than the first swing high.

Downtrend lines act as resistance and indicate that net supply is increasing even as the price declines.

Trendline Breakouts

A Trendline breakout is a Scenario where the price moves through an identified trendline. As you can see in the figure below. A trendline Breakout is an early and common signal of a potential trend reversal.

Trendline breakouts are easy and good opportunities to take a profitable trade. In order to check the significance of a trendline breakout, one has to pay attention to the volume. High volume during a breakout is considered a good indication of the significance of the breakout.


Trendline breakout

How to Trade with Trendlines

Riding the Trend

The safest and most consistent way of trading with a trendline is to ride the trend. Riding a trend essentially means going with the trend. In this strategy, A trader takes up a buying position on the trendline support level/ Dynamic support level. When a Trend respects a trendline the price of security takes support from the trendline providing a good opportunity to take up buying position.

for short-term traders, it is important to identify exit points. In this strategy drawing a channel helps identify the possible resistance levels, but for the best results, I recommend RSI and Fibonacci retracement.

Trendline trading strategy

Trendline Breakout Strategy

Cashing in on a real trend reversal is a high-profit-making strategy. In this strategy, a Trader has to first look for a Trendline breakout and confirm its significance with other indicators such as RSI, Bollinger bands, etc. A trader should consider Entering the trade on the confirmation of trend reversal and ride the wave till the next important Price action level. In this Strategy Combining the Trendline Breakout with Price action Provides the best results.

Trendline breakout



Trendlines are important parts of a trading system. They provide valuable insights to a trader, but if used incorrectly can generate false signals. While trendlines have become a very popular aspect of technical analysis, they are merely one tool for establishing, analyzing, and confirming a trend. and that’s why it is important to use other Technical tools and indicators such as Price action and Oscillators alongside it.



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