Chart Patterns Cheat Sheet

If you’re a visual learner, then chart patterns are a great way to analyze the market. By looking at past price movements, you can get a better idea of where the market is headed. There are lots of different chart patterns out there, so it can be overwhelming trying to remember them all. That’s why we’ve put together this cheat sheet of the most important and trusted chart patterns. whether you’re just getting started with chart patterns or you’re a seasoned Trader, this Chart Pattern Cheat sheet will help you get over all the noise and confusion and take profitable trades.

What are chart patterns?

Chart patterns, or Price patterns in simpler terms, are a way to view a series of price data that formed during a stock/commodity trading period. In other words, Chart patterns are shapes that emerge on a price chart that can signal to traders whether to take a long or short position. There are many different chart patterns, but some of the most common include triangles, head and shoulders, and wedges. Each pattern has its own unique characteristics that can help traders make more informed decisions about their trades.

Here is the Chart Patterns Cheat sheet 




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